Bryan Belleau (owner)

"Krasenko Guitars - Low end chuck and crystal clear highs, Sustain to match it's Beauty and craftsmanship. Truly a piece of art!"


Steven Furgiuele (owner)

"The Krasenko bass is the finest sound I have ever heard from any bass with a direct input into my amp. The clarity and punch this bass offers (as well as low end rumble) is pristine and really shines through in a band environment. With the action set very low, I am able to follow my guitarist on fast runs up the fret board. Aside from easy playability, the look of the bass is sharp and stylish. The body style allows easy access to the high frets. Would recommend to try these instruments before heading to a music store."


 Lee Maines

"While working at a local music store, I had the chance to test two of Richard's guitar and I was impressed by their incredible tone, sustain and playability. The arch-top model of the Kat is probably one of the most comfortable guitars I have ever played. These guitars are world class."


 Matt Hanchuck (owner)

"I had always searched for the thickest, fattest, and fullest sound out of my guitars. I have played and owned many different guitars over the last 10 years, mostly Jackson guitars. I decided to try out one of Richard Krasenko's Custom guitars and immediately fell in love with the sound and feel of the guitar. I would highly recommend that anyone searching for the ultimate guitar in tone, feel, sound and craftsmanship give a Krasenko Custom guitar a try. It definitely fit the bill for me."